Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm trying

When it's over, I go numb
And lose the feeling for a while
All the pictures make me wonder
If I'll ever find that smile
I'm a sailboat tossed by wind and waves
And somehow I'm staying afloat
I'm a memory on you, but you'll forget me

And this is my last try
To make it through
And you won't say a word
I'm surprised you haven't heard
I'm trying not to love you

And I wonder if this cycle of mine
Will ever end
And I wonder why growing closer to love
Is starting all over again
I'm a regret, you can try to avoid me
It hurts to know I'm around
I'm a story and I don't know the ending
I worry about that now

I'm surprised I haven't said I love you, I'm trying not to love you...